About Us

Here at Armadillo Trailer Manufacturing we are a family-run business.  Mike and Jason Jong were born into it and with their father Allan, they have been in the RV repair and manufacturing business for over 45 years.  As a family, they are camping and outdoor enthusiasts and know the importance of quality time.  


We have always had a love for classic, rounded small trailers like early Airstream, Boler, L'il Bigfoot and Trillium models. We have been modifying, rebuilding and customizing these beautiful little units for years now,  so to be able to incorporate our own ideas into building the new Armadillo is exciting.


 The Armadillo recreational trailer is made from the same molds that produced the legendary Boler and L'il Bigfoot trailers.  These molds have been out of production in Canada for many years but have now been rescued, repaired, altered and improved. 


Times have changed since these classic trailers were manufactured. Technology, fabrics, appliances, and other components have all advanced significantly. And we have our own ideas.


We are excited to bring these great classic trailers into the present.  Working with you on your own interests, style and ideas, the sky is the limit.   

Armadillo Interior