Frequently  Asked Questions

Q- Where are Armadillo Trailers built and sold?

A-The Armadillo Trailers are built custom to order and
are sold factory direct from our location in
Enderby, BC Canada.


Q- Can I buy a trailer in the US?

A- We do sell to US residents, all new trailer must be
picked up from our location in B.C. Our trailers are
registered as custom ubuilt trailers, they are under
2,000 lbs and are inspected and built to
Canadian and US standards. 


Q- What is the wait time ?

A-The wait time changes as we get more interest in our trailers.

Please contact for production schedule.


Q- What is the deposit required?

A- We require 75% deposit to secure your custom build and the remaining 25% upon completion and pick up.

NOTE: Deposits are non-refundable on custom orders.


Q- What is your warranty?

A- We offer a two year structural warranty.


Q- Do you offer a wet bath option?

A- At this time we offer the Thetford portable toilet and the exterior shower port.  


Q- What is the weight of the trailer? Can my vehicle tow it?

A- Our trailer weighs between 1500  lbs to 1800 lbs dry depending on the options you choose. The Tongue weight is approximately 180- 200lbs

 Each vehicle has its own tow rating, please check your owners manual.


Q- Where can I see an armadillo trailer?

A- You can set up an appointment to view our trailers at our location in Enderby BC Canada. 

Our hours of operation are Monday - Friday 9 AM to 5 PM excluding holidays.