Armadillos Are Different

...and here's why. 


It Starts at the Foundation - The Frame

  • Built by manufacturing partners Industrial Steel Fabrication Inc., heavy-industry machining specialists

  • Box steel frame (4" x 2" x 1/8" wall)

  • Low centre of gravity, greater stability, suspension capable of off-road travel

  • 3500-lb TorFlex torsion axles, electric brake assist

  • Strongest frame of any small trailer


The Armadillo Process: Method of Build

  • Laminated materials merged with form and shape to provide exceptional strength and durability

  • Best use of space, Fit & Finish second to none

  • Continous improvement and innovation 


A Marine Approach to RV Construction

  • We look at Armadillos as if they are intended to float, keeping all water out 

  • Marine-grade materials, metals, sealants and glues used

  • Dense insulation and breathable fabrics reduce moisture and internal condensation


Two-piece Fibreglass Shells are Better

  • Conventional flat-panel/seamed trailers are heavy square boxes that push wind, depreciate quickly, require ongoing maintenance and eventually leak

  • Fibreglass shells are tough and durable, like armour. They do not rot or rust. They last and retain value

  • But....trailers made of curved fibrglass shells are much more difficult to build


The Armadillo Shell

  • Fibreglass by manufacturing partners Performance Poly-Tek Custom Tooling, experienced mold-makers and experts in fibreglass & composite fibre production

  • Rockguard protection standard on front and in wheel wells

  • No internal structural support or rivets required, minimized shell breach

  • Insulation suitable for Canadian winter camping and to reduce heat transfer on hot summer days


The Armadillo Interior   "Wow, It's much larger on the inside" IPE Attendee, 2015

  • Radius corner cabinetry blends aesthetics with ergonomics 

  • No sharp edges, greater internal living space, better flow and freedom of movement

  • Impressive storage capacity


Innovation - Only in an Armadillo

  • Historic lineage of our production molds

  • External in-frame sliding aluminum storage drawer system

  • Self-locking hinged rear bumper/utility rack

  • External belt rail LED lighting system

  • Ergonomic radius cabinetry


Sizing up Armadillos

  • Small and lightweight

  • Dimensions: 13.5 ft long x 8' high x 6' 6" wide

  • Overal weight: 1600 - 1800 lbs (depending on package/options)

  • Can tow with smaller vehicles

  • Minimal storage requirements, fits in a garage


The Armadillo Trailer = The little Armoured One